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We are the Global leaders in Asian Honey

Last year, Honey King International processed and handled over 30,000MT of raw Honey and Honey products to clients around the world.

Our management of client relationships is extremely important, and we have an excellent reputation within the Honey industry.

Our Company

Welcome to the website of Honey King International Co Ltd, a Global leader in Asian Honey. Having operated in the market for over 20 years, we are well placed to handle any request you may have whether that be production, sourcing, consultancy or the supply of other food products. As a truly International company we can meet you in Thailand or our representative office in the United Kingdom.

The majority of our business is bulk shipments of raw Honey, and this is supported by consumer packaged Honey. A healthy proportion of the 30,000MT per year of honey related orders we deal with is produced via our own factory in Thailand. A rapidly developing area for the company is non-honey related FMCG.


A significant proportion of our business is sourcing honey from outside of our own production facilities and from other regions of the world. Our strength in this area lies in relationships that have stood the test of time and puts Honey King in an enviable position in the International market.


With over 20 years experience in honey production & transportation, Honey King International is your ideal partner who will be on hand through every step of the journey from production to arrival at your nominated port (where applicable) we're always here to help.


As our client, we will invite you from time to time to visit our highly hygienic & efficient production facilities. The facilities in which we produce our NMR compliant honey are also HAACP & ISO Certified. We place great important in our quality and this shows in our honey.


In addition to bulk raw Honey which is shipped in 300KG drums, we are able to package Honey for a fully retail-ready end product. Many of our clients include supermarkets and national processing importing take advantage of this and will package to brand specific requirements.

Raw Bulk

Honey King International carries specific expertise, operational & cost advantage over the varieties of Honey from the regions stated below. It is due to this advantage that we ship over 1500 full shipping containers per year to various regions spanning from North America to the Middle East.

We can supply raw bulk Honey, in 300KG drums from the following countries:

  • Thailand
  • China
  • Myanmar &
  • Vietnam
  • The Honey is available of the following varieties:

  • Acacia
  • Bukwheat
  • Minosa
  • Polyflora
  • Royal Jelly &
  • Sunflower
  • Processing

    Honey King is able to provide full processing services on all its products in it’s portfolio for the consumer market. Processing is taken place out their fully certified & accredited processing plant in Thailand. A wide range of fully customisable packaging and labels allow the customer to produce a product to suit nearly all consumer needs, this is achieved to a high standard through the use of Honey King’s professional design team.

    Honey King are confident that the pricing for a full processing service can not be beaten elsewhere, however unlike other providers of such a service, quality is not compromised. This is achieved by being one of the only suppliers who can source and process Honey using only facilites owned and regulated by Honey King.

    "The level of service we received from you guys made us feel like we where in direct control of the supply. Our consumer partners were also very impressed with the new packaging, and as a result we were able to obtain better shelf placing."

    Medicinal Honey

    We are able to supply such medicinal products as:

  • Bee Pollen Tablets
  • Royal Jelly Tablets
  • Propolis Tablets
  • Bee Venom Balm
  • Propolis Balm
  • In industrial quantities on an OEM basis.
    For further details speak with your relationship manager.

  • Honey Cream
  • Propolis Spray
  • Propolis Drops &
  • Bee Pollen Granules
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